Marare 2019 Team

Brian, Diniz, Allan, Rita, Ajoo
Naomi, Marisa, Vanessa, Mandy, Vicki

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What is the Team Going to Do?

Northgate’s support for the village culminates in September 2019, so when we go in July, they will be very close to self-sustaining. We are excited to see where they are at and share Northgate’s love and encouragement with them.

Our Team Verse, Romans 1:11 – 12, really sums up what we are going to do.

For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to strengthen you; that is, that we may be mutually encouraged by each other's faith, both yours and mine.

The reality is that sending teams to Marare for all these years has sent a very strong message to the people there and to the Food For The Hungry staff working with them.  In a very tangible way our being there says to the people of Marare: "You matter. You are not forsaken. Things can be different." And in turn as we get to know them,  their strong faith and community shows us ways to overcome our spiritual and relational poverty as North Americans.

How Can You Get Involved


  • the organizing and physical arrangements for the trip specifically, that we get the application documentation correct, get our visas in time, and then easily cross the border.

  • formation of the team into a cohesive unit.

  • mental, physical and spiritual health for the team

  • protection while we travel abroad

  • another successful chapter in the fruitful relationship between Marare and Northgate.

  • FH Staff in Mbale as they organize and prepare to receive us.

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About the Project

Since 2009, we’ve developed a relationship with the Marare community in the Mbale district of Uganda. Facilitated by the C2C (Community to Community) program of Food for the Hungry (FH) Canada, this relationship is intended to witness mutual transformation experienced in Uganda and at Northgate. The community of Marare is supported in their efforts to get out of poverty while Northgate is blessed by its own people’s lives being transformed. Through teams sent from the church to Marare each year,  ongoing child sponsorship, prayer, and reports of progress from the community our relationship is growing. For the past six years, we’ve sent teams to Uganda who helped establish wells, build a school for almost 500 children, and serve the people in Marare.