What do I wear?

We are more concerned with what’s going on with your heart than what you are wearing. Wear what makes you feel comfortable! It could be blue jeans or business casual, it’s up to you.

Can my kids come too?

Absolutely! Your kids can sit with you, or during the Celebration Service they are welcome to visit the nursery/Kingdom Kids where trained and supervised staff will take care of them during your visit.

Do I have to do anything?

No, you will not be singled out or pressured into anything. The music team may invite the church to stand and sing together. You are welcome to participate or just observe. Please make yourself comfortable. 

What Does a Service Look Like?

Someone will greet you at the door and hand you a bulletin. They may also help you find a seat, but you're free to sit where you'd like. The service usually begins with a portion of music followed by a pastor or guest speaker for about 30 minutes. After the service, there is coffee and other refreshments served in the main foyer. This is a great chance to meet new people and connect with our staff.

Which Service Should I Attend?

Our first service, the Inspiration Service, has a more traditional format, with classic church music blended with meaningful praise songs. This service draws from the depth of our Christian roots while at the same time staying relevant to culture through meaningful worship and teaching.

Our second service, the Celebration Service, offers a more contemporary worship service, and is energized with popular Christian music and modern arrangements of well-known hymns. Our second service also includes Kingdom Kids for children ages 2 through Grade 6. A supervised nursery is also available for parents with infants and toddlers.